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Month 3: NYC Marathon Training Recap

When you’re less than 50 days out from the NYC Marathon… ah!!! Currently cruising through Week 14 of training and there is still some big mile-stones (pun-intended) to check off.

September has been WILD. Exhausting. Incredibly exciting but busy, busy, busy. The new school year began, we had two weddings to attend, I am assisting field hockey this season, and teaching yoga once a week. OH, and by the way, Danny and I got ENGAGED 🥰 & we adopted an adorable German Shorthaired Pointer named Moose who is only 9 weeks old. I told ya, exciting, but a LOT at once (another post to come to update y’all on the engagement and pup- don’t worry).

Top some “peak marathon training” with all of that, why don’t we! The load has been heavy, but the goal is in view. Getting up early before work, early Friday nights for that Saturday long run- worth it. And running is my constant… with all of the craziness, I’m always thankful to lace up. Even if that’s at 6am.

My highest mileage so far has been a 19 mile long run. I did it solo- it was mentally pretty tough- but physically a pretty strong one.

During a cutback week I ran my FAVORITE half marathon, Surftown, in Westerly RI. This one felt super strong, mentally and physically. Laura and I ran it together, as well as one of my high school lacrosse athlete’s who completed her first 13.1! The cool thing I love about 26.2 training? A half marathon feels like an “easy” treat.

This past weekend I ran 16 miles. Our puppy arrived Friday and I didn’t get much sleep that night before. I had hoped for 18, but settled for two miles less. It also got SUPER hot. This has been such a hot, sweaty, humid, marathon training cycle.

Next month I head into the true peak of my training. 18, 20, 15, and a 21 mile long run to go. Despite the exhaustion of a new school year, running still manages to make me feel grounded, free, and strong af.

I also want to note it has officially been 2 full years that I have been working with a run coach and focusing on Heart Rate Training. My growth as a distance runner has made some great strides and the best part is, I feel better & I recover better. I’ve learned from the best!

Let me know here or on my IG how your peak training weeks have been for your fall race goal. We are in this together, friends!

Xo, Nicole

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