Spring 2022 Half Training

… is done. Heck yeah!

This spring I worked full time, coached high school girls lacrosse full time, completed my first graduate class, kicked off my CBD side gig with Green Compass – AND – have successfully trained for 2 half marathons.

This week I take on the Mystic Half Marathon in Mystic, CT. I’ve actually never done this one before and I am super excited to experience this local race.

When I sat to write this post I began to sum up my thoughts on my long runs, speed work and so forth, however, I more so want to celebrate my dedication.

Running is something I will never be ashamed to make time for. It’s a passion of mine, that no matter how busy I am, I make the time for it.

Last spring, my first season coaching a varsity sport as a full time teacher, I felt so completely swamped that running felt exhausting. I made a point to myself to not let my stress get to that point.

One main thing that helped was experience, having a season under my belt already. I had an idea of the routine and was able to plan better around it.

Adding on the start of graduate school also threw an extra weight on me, although, my fiancé began his courses too. We each took time in our evenings to catch up on work (he teaches full time and coaches too)!

All in all, gonna run this half this weekend with pure happiness and enjoyment. I am proud of myself. I love ya, running.

See you soon, Mystic!

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