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Spring 2022 Half Training

… is done. Heck yeah! This spring I worked full time, coached high school girls lacrosse full time, completed my first graduate class, kicked off my CBD side gig with Green Compass – AND – have successfully trained for 2 half marathons. This week I take on the Mystic Half Marathon in Mystic, CT. I’veContinue reading “Spring 2022 Half Training”

Half Marathon #23: SHAPE Health Women’s Half

12 hours prior to race start, I was enjoying table wine at our friends Queens, NY, Black Tie Wedding… & I actually did awesome! 🤣 I gotta be honest, we had a super fun & late night, creating low expectations for this race. I just wanted to feel good enough to run (still had aContinue reading “Half Marathon #23: SHAPE Health Women’s Half”