Half Marathon #23: SHAPE Health Women’s Half

12 hours prior to race start, I was enjoying table wine at our friends Queens, NY, Black Tie Wedding…

& I actually did awesome! 🤣

I gotta be honest, we had a super fun & late night, creating low expectations for this race. I just wanted to feel good enough to run (still had a little too much 🍷) and to enjoy running in NYC again.

I had a BLAST! Once I got running, the tummy settled and my breathing settled in. The energy of the race was super unique. An all female race, taking over Central Park, was a pretty powerful experience. It’s also amazing what a few full marathons under your belt can do for your 13.1 mindset. Only 13 miles?! 😅 It all felt so carefree and enjoyable.

I ran strong but easy, 7 minutes from a PR. Super excited to see what I can do next when I kick in a little bit of oomf & less pregame wine 😜

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