Month 2: NYC Marathon Training

Somehow week 8 of NYC Marathon training has wrapped up, starting month 3 of training. August was filled with humid, soggy runs and some whacky scheduled weeks.

My 15 was tackled SUPER early, with the sunrise, before I bolted home to get ready for a day in Block Island. My running partner, Laura, is the BEST and was probably the only way I got these miles done that morning.

The next week was a cutback week (👏🏻), running 11 miles on a Wednesday before heading to Charleston, SC with my childhood BFF’s. It was a long, HOT, humid weekend but I still managed some short, sweaty miles with some pretty neat views. Our airBnb was right by the bike path of the famous bridge. Worked out perfectly!

Next, was a 17 miler. This one actually sucked. The day started in a downpour, and after a few miles in we were left soggy and gross. There’s always at least one crappy long run a cycle…this was one of them for me! This run was also done with some flexibility before we headed to Newport, RI to visit some friends.

Newport miles are some of my favorite miles 🤍

I will always say, flexibility is the most important thing when it comes to training and working towards goals. Swapping my running schedule around ahead of time in regards to my trips and weekly events helped me get the miles done. I made sure to get my Fit52 and yoga practice in too (don’t forget to cross-train *wink*).

Moving forward, I am excited for the next few weeks, as school starts back up and I go back to work. There is a looming unpredictability still when it comes to the possibility of NYC, or any of these big races, happening this fall. New Jersey just canceled their marathon which has me a little worried for it’s neighbor, New York.

What I do know, and my long run buddy (and awesome run coach) Laura and I discussed this the other day, is that I/we are still runners with or without a race. 2020 showed us that. So for now, I’ll train, I’ll keep getting stronger, and sometime around 11/7, I will complete my fifth 26.2. One way or another!

One thought on “Month 2: NYC Marathon Training

  1. 😦 Over the weekend, I could not fit in my 17 miler long run for my NYC Marathon training plan. Fortunately, I still have some time left. It’s great that you have a running partner to help with accountability. Good luck training!


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