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About Nicole

Hi! My name is Nicole McComic and I live on the coastline of Connecticut. I am a health and physical educator, RRCA Level I Run Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, & Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach. Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. Fitness and wellness are my passions – I preach it, teach it, coach it, need it!

I am the Founder of Soul and Strides, LLC, combining the two loves of my life: running and yoga. My best running friend, and personal run coach, Laura Tiffany, have teamed up to provide the best, female-owned, female-centered, athletic coaching program through distance running and yoga.

Running has been a part of who I am for over a decade. In 2012 I experienced the traumatic loss of my father. I was 17 and he was only 43. In the most unusual way, this difficult time attracted me to my running shoes: getting out the door, out of my head, and back in my present body. In 2013 I ran my first half marathon. 20+ half’s and a handful of full marathons later…

Throughout my grieving journey, I have found the medicine in movement and the incomparable benefits that moving your body and mind can bring. In 2020, I took the leap of deepening my personal yoga practice, becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor through Hot on Bank in New London, CT.

As a Coach and Teacher, I strive to empower my athletes to find strength, success and soul through running and yoga. I use an individualized approach that combines my expertise in health and physical sciences, kinesiology, and yoga and mindfulness.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my small coaching business. Send me a message and introduce yourself!

About Laura

Hello! I’m Laura Tiffany and I also live on the coastline of Connecticut – just a few miles from Nicole. We run together all the time! I am an elementary special education teacher and I work with students with autism and other significant disabilities. With such a high stress job, running is my “me time” and self care. I completed the RRCA Level I Run Coaching course in 2020 in order to share my love of all things running with others.

Fun fact – I am Coach Nicole’s run coach! We’ve been running together for years and really enjoy our long runs together. I’ve run 11 full marathons, 100+ half marathons (I’ve lost count), Ragnar Relays (road, trail, ultra), 10ks, 5ks, and fun runs! I’m reflective and have learned a lot from each race I’ve run. While each marathon is the same distance, I find that each experience is different depending on so many variables – weather, mindset, spectators, crowds, company, goals, and the list goes on. While I am always seeing to improve, my over arching goal is always to run happy and spread happy along the way!

I have lots of favorite courses and experiences, both Half and full, that’s I’d love to tell you about! Whatever your goals are, let’s chat! Chatting about running is my favorite!

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